Forklift Operator – Theory & Practice

Certification valid for 3 years

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Does your company use forklifts to simplify their operations? Although they’re very practical, these vehicles have their share of risks! That’s why Santinel offers a complete training on operating forklifts. A course that will help you maintain your compliance and lead to better accident prevention!

This training, which is mandatory, addresses different theoretical and practical aspects, always according to our unique and in-depth approach. Whether your business is provincially or federally regulated, our experts will meet your challenges and provide your operators with all the elements for safe forklift operation. They will even teach them how to verify their operation with operational inspections that are efficient and easy to perform!

Learning series:

  • Increase awareness of the risks associated with the presence and operation of forklifts in your business.
  • Carry out operational inspection of forklift trucks and easily maintain compliance.
  • Adopt a preventive driving style to better protect your safety and that of all other workers in the organization.

Give your employees the tools to promote safety! This Santinel training is intended for all employees who must operate forklifts. Whether they are regular operators or occasional users, our explanations will meet everyone’s needs!

Our experts possess the know-how to answer all your concerns. Our course and its different components can be adjusted to the types of devices used in your company (with some exceptions that require their own training). Your employees will learn safe handling and driving maneuvers, whether low- or high-lift trucks.

In addition, our trainers will convey their expertise in a way that is simple to understand and reproduce. Their teaching will also help to identify risks specific to your environment. This will help your workers to better avoid hazards. With Santinel, your organization will benefit from durable accident prevention!

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