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Santinel offers a unique and in-depth training that will transform the entire management of your energy sources. With this approach, your organization will benefit from clear and easy-to-follow lockout cards and many other resources!

Indeed, our experts will teach you methods that will make your lockout more efficient and safer. First, they will provide you with a wealth of information on current regulations and on the various steps involved in locking out and unlocking hazardous energy in your equipment. Then, they will teach you how to test and validate the written procedures. Your sheets will then better describe the steps to follow, while ensuring compliance for all your company’s equipment!

In addition, our service may also include a lockout software that is accessible, easy to update and, above all, easy to use. With Santinel’s training, managing new equipment will be simpler as will the management of your company’s lockout cards!

Learning series : 

  • Identify the various sources of energy for all the machines in your organization.
  • Find effective lockout procedures to adequately isolate these sources and return them to a zero energy state. 
  • Write clear and simple cards that describe tested and validated lockout methods.
  • Add and modify your lockout procedures in a sheet management software program developed by lockout specialists.

Rely on the staff writing your lockout cards! Whatever the context of your business, Santinel has the know-how and expertise to help you. Simply mandate the person(s) in charge of drafting your lockout cards and we will take care of everything else!

Our training can also be offered to managers and supervisors or to members of a workplace health and safety committee. The training will be adapted to your sector of activity, equipment and energy sources.

Your team will obtain all the necessary resources to improve and update your lockout procedures. All of your workers will be better protected and will work with more confidence!

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