Dissemination of Task Analyzes or Work Procedures

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Transmit your optimal safety instructions with Santinel! Is your organization’s prevention approach changing? Have you produced task safety analyzes and new procedures that must be disseminated to your employees? Rely on Santinel’s expertise to effectively communicate these methods and ensure their implementation!

Our trainers have the know-how to disseminate these instructions and minimize any resistance to change. Their unique approach will make it easier to understand the task and the steps involved in working safely. In fact, their concrete and targeted explanations will give your employees confidence and show them the relevance of the new methods. A respectful approach that will promote cooperation!

When choosing our trainers, rest assured that the instructions have been transmitted uniformly to all your employees. You will be provided with a list of workers we met with to facilitate your follow-up!

Learning series:

  • Ensure that the safety instructions are well communicated, so that your employees fully understand the steps to be observed when performing various tasks.
  • Facilitate employee understanding so that they correctly apply the verification procedures and properly use protective equipment.
  • Equip your managers with techniques to observe effective methods and intervention practices to make adjustments to your teams.
  • Educate your workers on the importance of feedback so that they receive positive feedback from their supervisors and are open to improvement.

Opt to distribute your task analyzes to benefit your entire team!

Whether you need content adapted to different hierarchical levels or to the specifics of your industry, you can trust us! The method proposed by Santinel will respond to the various realities of your organization. In addition, your managers and workers will receive information adapted to their challenges!

Your employees will benefit from explanations they can concretely apply in the execution of their tasks. In order to be more receptive to any comments from a supervisor, they will also be made aware of the importance of continuous improvement. Furthermore, our trainers will also offer several tools to your managers. They will develop their understanding of security issues as well as employee observation and intervention techniques.

In short, our training is an essential asset to ensure your compliance and safety!

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