Working in the Presence of H₂S

Certification valid for 3 years

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Do your operations involve working with hydrogen sulfide (H₂S)? This gas, which is heavier than air, is extremely flammable and toxic. It is very dangerous and its presence creates many risks, especially in enclosed or confined spaces.

This is why Santinel offers its unique expertise on H₂S with comprehensive training that will help you work safely. First, our specialists will teach all the risks linked to hydrogen sulfide. They will help you identify the explosion or fire possibilities and inform you of the health risks from contact or inhalation.

Then our experts will provide a wealth of resources to effectively protect yourself from this gas. You will discover equipment and methods of protection, ventilation, handling and storage that will limit the risks. In closing, they will teach you the best procedures to apply in an emergency.

Rely on our know-how for optimal management of H₂S risks!

Learning series:

  • The risks of hydrogen sulfide to health and safety as well as how to identify them.
  • Preventing occupational accidents linked to H₂S through protective equipment and control means adapted to each situation.
  • Safe working procedures and methods for handling and storing hydrogen sulfide.
  • Emergency response techniques in the event of a fire, spill or exposure to H₂S.

Protect your workers during tasks involving hydrogen sulfide! Whatever their level of responsibility, Santinel training will adequately equip all members of your team! In fact, your workers, supervisors and managers will obtain all the information necessary to ensure the safe use of H2S. Your entire organization will benefit from better protection against dangers with this prevention approach.

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