Financial Management of the CNESST File

Certification valid for 3 years

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Take advantage of Santinel’s know-how and simplify the management of your financial file. Are you looking get a clearer picture of the CNESST pricing methods, classifications, choice of limits and contributions? Santinel experts are there to help you understand these complex issues with comprehensive training on this funding system. You will not only become more independent, but also more efficient in your CNESST financial management!

Indeed, our learning process will allow you to develop the knowledge required to make the right choices. You will make adapted budget forecasts and establish the real needs of your organization. You will then be able to decide on pricing and limits that will really suit you!

In addition, our trainers will provide you with a wealth of essential information to avoid unpleasant financial consequences. Rely on our experience for optimal management of the financial file and CNESST contributions!

Learning series:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the CNESST funding system and discover practical tools to help you find your way.
  • Effectively analyze your financial file and your contributions to the CNESST and ensure that you pay the right price.
  • Choose pricing methods that are relevant and appropriate for the needs of your organization.
  • Effectively assess the impacts that arise from your various accident records, if any.

Give your managers the tools to better understand your CNEEST financial management! The CNESST’s funding system is complex so support is essential to master all aspects. Whatever their role in your organization, Santinel training will certainly benefit the people responsible for managing your accident files. Do not hesitate to offer it to your managers and to members of your health and safety committee!

In addition, know that our trainers will help your team with all the particulars of your situation. Issues related to your business, your industry and your number of employees will all be taken into account. So, your managers will get concrete and relevant answers to all their questions!

In short, opt for Santinel’s unique approach and be sure to make appropriate decisions for your CNESST file!

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