Management of Accident Records

Certification valid for 3 years

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Ensure sound management of your accident records and your finances at the same time!

Implement more efficient organizational and administrative structures! As work-related accidents can generate significant costs, your company must ensure that these files are managed in a sound and optimal manner. That’s why Santinel offers a unique training adapted to your needs!

This course will be an essential asset for your organization. With a focus on scenarios and participation, it will address all the specific issues at your company. As a result, the peculiarities of your accident records will be taken into consideration, whether that’s your financial balance sheet or your classification system. In addition, the training will enable your case management staff to develop more efficient work methods. They will have all the elements necessary for a continuous and rigorous management of your accidents and finances!

Learning series:

  • Better differentiate between the different bodies (CNESST, BEM, TAT) with a thorough knowledge of their specificities.
  • Become a pro in managing your accident records and financial statement, including managing CNESST’s monthly statements.
  • Discover all the possible options when managing your file, for example during the medical examination, a dispute, etc.
  • Develop methods and classification systems that allow you to navigate your daily routine.

Help your internal resources be organized and more effective! With Santinel, your organization will obtain a training entirely adapted to your issues. Your employees who manage accident records will benefit from a unique course, adjusted to their needs!

Prior to the training session, our trainers will first consult with your designated internal manager. They will evaluate your file classification system, your financial management, your work methods and all the elements of your administration. They will then modulate the training that will be provided. In this way, you will be assured that your teams receive training that will meet their needs. Moreover, our in-depth training will offer them simple methods to integrate and facilitate their task. Rely on the Santinel experience to help you manage your accident records!

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