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Choosing conviction, not obligation, is an approach that will lead your workers towards change!

No need to impose and demand safe behaviours from your employees! It is very difficult to transform habits, ways of doing things and methods. Conscious or unconscious, resistance to change can even hinder the adoption of more logical and safer procedures. This is a real challenge for employers who want to improve their prevention approach!

That’s why Santinel offers a unique training that will lead to real behavioural changes in your environment. During the training session, which is focused on participation, discussion and real life examples, your employees will move towards evolution and accountability. Our trainers will make them aware of the factors that usually influence their decisions. As a result, they will develop their analytical skills, which will help them adapt their actions according to the situations.

In short, our training leads to a real understanding of the proposed changes and their importance. Opt for this approach and your workers will make choices that meet their needs while respecting the principles of safety!

Learning series:

  • Make your workers aware of the unconscious elements that influence their usual habits, decisions and approaches.
  • Improve their understanding of security requirements, standards and safe behaviours.
  • Equip your employees with environmental and equipment analysis techniques so that they adapt their behaviour to the dangers present.
  • Develop their ability to make safe and well-adapted decisions that also respect their beliefs.

Improve security in your organization by developing your team’s prevention values!

Whatever issues you have or behavioural changes you’re looking to adopt, Santinel will help you achieve your goals. Our training will be adapted to your particular requests. It will focus on your employees and develop safer behaviours. If you prefer, the session can be for your managers and supervisors only. We will equip them to manage  resistance to change themselves!

In addition, be aware that our trainers will adapt the course according to your needs. The content of the course will therefore be representative of your sector of activity and the behavioural changes you wish to implement.

In short, Santinel offers you a unique, personalized and effective training!

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