Thermal Constraints

Certification valid for 3 years

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Learn how to reduce the effects and risks of thermal stress!

Your thermal stress management program is an essential element of your prevention process. It protects your workers from extreme temperatures, whether very cold or particularly hot atmospheres. Even if no training is required for the application of this program, Santinel offers you an information session so that your team has the right reflexes when working under thermal constraints!

This course will help your workers and managers avoid the risks associated with unusual temperatures. They will first learn how to calculate the thermal stress index and assess the level of danger. Then, they will discover effective prevention measures and precautions to take, such as alternating work/rest and wearing appropriate clothing. Your team will also be able to recognize a person experiencing thermal stress and, of course, how to act diligently in such a situation!

Learning series:

  • Be better informed about the various thermal stresses and situations which can expose workers to dangers.
  • Know how to assess and recognize the risks when tasks must be performed under thermal stress.
  • Discover the precautions to apply to avoid problems and incidents in a thermal stress work situation.
  • Quickly spot the signs and symptoms of an affected worker and how to respond to them effectively.

Opt for training that will benefit your health and safety committee members as well as your workers and managers!

Santinel offers resources that will serve your entire team! In fact, our information session on thermal constraints will be very useful to your OHS managers. By better understanding these dangers and how to assess them, they will then be able to apply optimal safety procedures. An approach that will improve your management program, your prevention and your compliance!

Additionally, these same learnings will also benefit employees and supervisors. They will discover the risks linked to thermal stresses, which will put them in a better position to assess and avoid the dangers and be able to better intervene if a worker is at risk. Given that unusual or extreme temperatures are sometimes unpredictable, this autonomy will protect them in all circumstances!

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