Using the Cause Tree Method

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Help members of your organization prevent workplace accidents at the source.

The Cause Tree is a proven method that will enhance the effectiveness of your health and safety managers. No matter their level of experience in accident analysis, our training will help them become advanced users of this tool!

They will learn the method principles as well as how to effectively collect information in your organization. Know that our experts will adjust the course material to your issues and your situation. Even if your industry or work environment is unique, our lessons will be adapted.

This unique and personalized approach will simplify the analysis of the data collected. In addition, it will ensure that causal links are established in a relevant and consistent manner. In short, with Santinel, your leaders will have everything in hand to effectively use the Cause Tree!

Learning series:

  • How to collect objective facts when a work accident occurs.
  • Building a Cause Tree by using the information collected and identifying causal links.
  • Effective analysis of links and information on the work accident.
  • How to identify accident cause(s) and risk factors.
  • Tools to apply the Cause Tree approach in your business and find corrective measures that will prevent other accidents.

Has an accident or adverse event occurred in your organization recently? Would you like to know the circumstances and facts that led to this incident? Opt for the Cause Tree, a safe and versatile way to establish causal links. And to make good use of this analysis tool, Santinel offers training that will help you understand and master it.

Indeed, the Cause Tree is a real asset to understand the past and prevent it in the future since a workplace accident is usually linked to a sequence of hazardous situations. A visual representation in the form of a tree can establish this succession of circumstances and events and provide solutions.

During this course, our trainers will help you apply the principles of this method in an optimal way.

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