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Would your occupational health and safety committee like to improve the conduct of its meetings? Often, simple planning and communication adjustments can completely transform these meetings. And thanks to Santinel’s unique training, you will gain a number of resources to improve your discussions and advance your files!

Our trainers will provide many tools that will ensure the optimal flow of your meetings. The members of your OHS committee will learn to better interact with each other. They will discover simple principles of communication and listening that will help them understand one another such structuring speech according to the target audience. An essential element for faster decision-making!

Furthermore, Santinel will provide members of your committee various methods and documents to better prepare and conduct meetings. They will thus have an easier time achieving the objectives pursued and ensuring security in your organization!

Learning series:

  • Structure your meetings according to your objectives for the optimal effectiveness of your health and safety committee.
  • Make better use of your planning and meeting documents, such as the agenda, the minutes, the distribution list, etc.
  • Improve communication between the different members with tools that will improve exchanges and make them more constructive.
  • Develop the ability to diagnose and provide feedback on the conditions of your meetings to continuously improve them.

Develop your committee and your managers’ skills for sound OHS management! Your entire organization will benefit from the “Running a Meeting” training offered by Santinel! Although this course is primarily intended for members of your OHS committee, in order to develop your autonomy, it can also be offered to all of your OHS managers and your various leaders.

This training will teach your supervisors effective principles of planning and communication. Thus, even in the event of changes among the members of your OHS committee, your internal resources will be able to steer newcomers. This approach will ensure that good practices are sustainably maintained in your meetings!

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