Underground Work Rescue

Certification valid for 3 years

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Ensure your workers are rescued quickly by developing their own response capability!

For training that will give you peace of mind when working underground, choose Santinel! With our unique expertise, we can offer a course on vertical and/or horizontal rescue techniques and procedures. A prevention approach that will allow your workers to react effectively in the event of an underground emergency!

In order to master these interventions, our course includes theoretical and practical lessons. Our specialized trainers will provide you with a wealth of resources to help identify and protect you from underground risks. They will also teach you how to properly handle your life-saving equipment (gas detector, rope, mask, harness, etc.). Lastly, there are simulation exercises of real emergency response conditions.

Rely on our know-how and take safety into your own hands!

Learning series:

  • Increase your knowledge of the current regulations on underground work and rescue.
  • Quickly identify risks when entering an underground worksite and the measures to take to avoid these dangers.
  • Become an expert on the equipment and various accessories to use during an underground rescue through our practical exercises.
  • Discover effective measures for safe rescue during an underground work incident.

Develop good reflexes in your workers for optimal reactions to an incident!

For safety and effective interventions in underground work, Santinel’s training is your best asset! Underground sites present many incident risks. And in such situations, local emergency services do not always have the resources to respond quickly.

This is why your organization will benefit from a trained emergency team made up of your workers and/or supervisors. Your workers will be provided with increased protection that could save lives!

Know that Santinel has the expertise to meet all your specific needs. Whether your organization is working in the mining sector or in well excavation, our trainers will be able to develop emergency procedures adapted your reality.

In short, you will enjoy a fully customized training adapted to your challenges!

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