Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Certification valid for 3 years

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Improve accident prevention while ensuring your compliance when transporting dangerous goods! Does your business comply with the laws regarding the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG)? These very strict laws must absolutely be observed in order to better protect the public! As shippers, your choices have an impact on the entire transport chain. Your role is therefore essential for regulatory compliance and to ensure everyone’s safety!

This is why Santinel offers a unique approach, with complete training on TDG and shipping. With this course, your team will first learn to recognize the risks associated with the hazardous materials used. Your team will also discover all of the federal and provincial obligations that your organization must meet. These lessons will then facilitate the classification and identification of products, as well as the choice of appropriate plates and labels.

In addition, our training also includes a section on the procedures to follow in the event of an incident. Note that our trainers will adapt these instructions to the emergency measures plan already established within your company, if necessary. In short, you will have everything in hand for an efficient and safe TDG!

Learning series:

  • Discover all the current laws, standards and regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Know how to recognize the different classifications of chemicals and dangerous goods, as well as their hazard indicators.
  • Broaden your understanding of the various shipping documents and manifests for the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Respond optimally in the event of an accident, while respecting the specific TDG rules set by your company.

Provide your shipping team with all the necessary tools and resources! Opt for a training course that will cover all your needs regarding applicable laws, regulations and standards! Santinel’s trainers will adapt their lessons to your sector of activity and reality. So whatever the hazardous materials used or the specifics of your environment, our course will meet all your challenges.

As a shipper, you have a responsibility to the carriers and other product handlers. With Santinel, you will respect your legal obligations while ensuring optimal security!

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