Training – Working and Procedures in the Presence of Mould

Certification valid for 3 years

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Whether decontamination or other operations, tasks in the presence of mould require many precautions. To protect your team against the risks during this work, opt for prevention. Santinel offers its unique know-how with a complete training on the procedures to follow in the presence of mould.

Our specialists will first teach the different types of mould most commonly found in buildings, their specific dangers and the applicable standards when working in their presence. Then, they will introduce various risk assessment methods, such as surface sampling and air sampling.

The training will then deal with the procedures for working in the presence of mould. Step by step, you will discover how to perform your tasks with contaminated surfaces and materials, regardless of their magnitude. In addition, our trainers will inform you of the protection and control means to use such as HEPA ventilators and vacuum cleaners, dry suits and respiratory protectors, etc.

In short, you will develop real expertise in mould management!

Learning series:

  • All the current standards and regulations concerning fungal decontamination work or the presence of mould.
  • The risks caused by exposure to mould, as well as various methods to effectively assess the dangers.
  • Collective and individual protection means and equipment, including the different types of respiratory protection.
  • The procedures to follow for safe work in the presence of mould or during decontamination, including the handling and disposal of waste.

Whether your organization works in the building, construction or decontamination sector, this training will meet your challenges!

In fact, it will help your workers identify the presence of mould and effectively assess the risks. It will also teach them to optimally protect themselves in any situation, regardless of the environment, the type of mould or the extent of contamination.

Our course will also allow your team to limit the spread of mould. An essential asset for everyone’s health! This is why our training is offered to workers and their managers. They will thus ensure compliance with standards and procedures for better protection against occupational diseases related to mould.

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