Training – Violence at Work (Federal)

Certification valid for 3 years

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With our training, you will be able to prevent and stem workplace violence in all forms: threatening behaviour, verbal abuse, oral or written threats or harassment.

To protect your team from workplace violence, it is essential to provide them with information and tools. The best asset to prevent or put an end to violence is to learn to recognize it and to react appropriately. This is why our course will help your workers better understand and obtain the right help!

First, our specialists will address the legal aspects of workplace violence. They will present the obligations of the employer and the various resources to be provided. Then, they will define the behaviours that can cause harm and illness, as well as the contexts that sometimes favour these behaviours.

Finally, your workers will be informed about the policy and control mechanisms of your organization. They will discover the measures and procedures to follow in the event of workplace violence. And of course, they will get advice on what to do to protect themselves!

Learning series:

  • Develop a better understanding of violence in the workplace and learn to recognize it.
  • Find out about current legislation on harassment and violence at work, including the responsibilities of the employer and employees.
  • Know the mechanisms necessary to provide employees with a safe and violence-free workplace.
  • Establish a procedure to follow when requesting assistance or a report and make it known to workers.

Are you worried about workplace violence? Provide your team with real prevention against harmful behaviour, words and gestures.

In order to meet your challenges, Santinel offers a unique and fully personalized approach. Our training will be adapted to your company policy, your sector of activity and your environment. Since workplace violence can occur at multiple levels of interaction, our course will protect your team whether you operate in an urban centre or in a remote region, in customer service or in closed groups.

Also, be aware that the content of the session is suitable for workers as well as their managers. Whatever their hierarchical level, they will discover relevant information on the factors leading to violence and the concrete measures from our specialists will help them better prevent or put an end to it.

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