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Put the odds in your favour with an appropriate intervention from your emergency team! Rest assured that your organization will do this quickly and efficiently! Although most of these incidents are minor, too often they escalate after an ill-suited response to the situation. Santinel offers training that will help your intervention team make the right decisions at the right time!

Our trainers will make sure when a product is spilled, your workers know what to do and how to do it. They will first teach them to recognize a spill and raise the alert quickly to minimize the consequences. In addition, they will teach them various precautions that will limit the health and safety risks. Our experts will also provide them with procedures to better confine the product and methods for cleaning it. Finally, your workers will learn to recognize serious spills and initiate emergency procedures.

In short, your intervention team will develop reflexes that will make all the difference!

Learning series:

  • Become more aware of the standards, regulations and obligations to be met in the event of a spill.
  • Find out the emergency measures already established by your organization and the protective equipment available to you.
  • Respond effectively to minor spills with containment methods and clean-up procedures that will help control the incident.
  • Know when to raise the alarm in the event of a major spill and learn emergency procedures that will minimize health and safety risks.

Equip your emergency response team and ensure the safety of all your employees! For training that will truly promote an optimal response, opt for Santinel’s unique approach! Indeed, our session will emphasize your reality and challenges. This is why our trainers will travel to your premises; experience has shown us that on-site simulations are the most effective!

In addition, before starting the session, our trainers will make sure to take into account the specifics of your business. They will thus assess your emergency measures program and protective equipment, as well as the specifics of your environment and your sector of activity. They will then adapt the training to your needs. With this approach, your intervention team will be prepared for any eventuality!

Has your organization not created an emergency response brigade yet? No problem! Simply choose a dozen responsible employees present from where your workers handle or store dangerous products and Santinel take over this part of your prevention!

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