Training on the Inspection and Use of Ladders, Stepladders and Platforms


Certification valid for 3 years

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Do your teams use ladders, stepladders and platforms to do their job? Did you know that using this equipment presents various accident risks when strict standards are not met?

Falls, slips, shocks and electrocutions in the workplace are directly linked to the inappropriate use of such equipment. Each piece of equipment must meet standards, but also requires proper maintenance and regular inspections.

Prevent accidents with Santinel training on the inspection and use of ladders, stepladders and platforms. Upon completion of this training, your supervisors and employees will be able to choose equipment adapted to the work context. They will be able to choose the right equipment materials and configurations, based on the situation. They will also learn the work standards established by the government and the CNESST. The training will reduce the risk of accidents linked to ladders, stepladders and platforms at the source.

Learning series:

  • Identify the different equipment and their mode of use, maintenance and storage.
  • Understand the safety standards for equipment, in particular safety harnesses.
  • Apply the inspection methods for each piece of equipment.
  • Canadian rules and standards for ladders, stepladders and platforms.

This training is intended for workplace safety officers, supervisors, team leaders and employees. Any worker likely to use a ladder, stepladder or platform with assistance or independently can benefit from this training. It is important to note that the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety requires employers inform their workers about the means and equipment of protection, especially when working at height.

Santinel is a benchmark for workplac safety in Quebec. Our experts offer you unique training adapted to the reality of your business. Together, we work for the safety of your people, no matter the industry.

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