Training – Due Diligence and Bill C-21 (Federal)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Protect your business and managers by empowering everyone involved in decision-making.

Is your organization subject to federal regulation and you want to ensure your  compliance with these requirements? Santinel offers expertise to better understand the legislation, including the complex ramifications of Bill C-21 and due diligence. A unique training that will help you meet all your legal obligations!

First, our trainers will cover the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. This overview will teach you about your OHS obligations, as well as those of your employees. Then you will receive detailed explanations of due diligence and your responsibilities to avoid negligence.

Our experts will then discuss Bill C-21, including its impacts on risk management. You will learn the importance of responsible prevention and governance rules to protect your organization against possible lawsuits.

Learning series:

  • Better understand the concept of due diligence, which is both a means of preventing accidents and a defence in a prosecution.
  • Discover the general and specific employer obligations in OHS to ensure the implementation of due diligence duties.
  • Know the important elements and impacts of Bill C-21, which allows for criminal prosecution in the event of a workplace accident related to negligence.
  • Identify OHS management methods that meet legal requirements (policy and procedure development, control measures, monitoring, etc.)

Do you want to understand Bill C-21 and the principle of due diligence to better respect them? Did you know that, legally, managers are considered the alter ego of an organization? Thus, “the company” gives its managers absolute confidence because they act on their behalf in all circumstances. As a result, the risk management and due diligence responsibilities are fully shared by the employer and its representatives. That’s why Santinel offers training that will serve all of your managers.

Our course will provide valuable resources and information for officers, administrators, executives, managers, agents, foremen, supervisors, etc. Anyone with management or supervisory functions will benefit!

Moreover, this course is designed to meet the needs of organizations subject to the Canada Labor Code. For companies that must comply with Quebec’s Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety, consult our Due Diligence and Bill C-21 – Provincial page.

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