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Certification valid for 3 years

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Simplify your TDG management by having a trainer within your organization! Santinel offers training that will sustainably improve your prevention approach! With our trainer training, you will develop internal expertise in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG). A major asset for ensuring the safety of your employees, as well as your compliance with applicable laws and regulations!

Regulations require that the workers who ship, transport or handle these dangerous products have received training. Therefore our master trainers will help your future instructors better understand the different aspects of TDG. To ensure your compliance, they will teach them about the different applicable laws. They will then teach them everything there is to know about the classification of hazardous materials, their identification and the safety procedures to follow.

In addition, your future trainers will discover the keys for optimal teaching. This empower them to deliver the content in a relevant and efficient manner. In short, they will become true, competent instructors able to train your entire team!

Learning series:

  • Learn more about the regulations, laws and standards surrounding the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Quickly identify chemicals and their classifications, as well as appropriate hazard indicators for their storage, handling and transportation.
  • Become a true documentation expert for the transportation of dangerous goods and the emergency procedures to follow.
  • Convey this knowledge without hesitation and in the best possible way, thanks to the material and lessons provided by the Santinel’s master trainers.

Easily meet your training obligations in the transportation of dangerous goods!

Do members of your organization need to transport, handle, store or ship hazardous materials? Since the training of these workers is mandatory, having an instructor on site will be a real advantage to your business. In fact, an internal resource will simplify your prevention process and train your new employees, without delay!

With Santinel’s unique approach, your future trainer will be a true expert capable of responding to your challenges. In order to teach them their new role as an instructor, our master trainers will come to your workplace. The future trainer will therefore learn according to the hazardous materials and specifics of your environment.

Note that Santinel also offers “refresher” programs. This will make it easy for your instructor to keep their knowledge up-to-date and continue to effectively train your workers!

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