TDG for Handlers

Certification valid for 3 years

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This Santinel training is aimed at your truck drivers, employees and handlers who must ensure the transportation of dangerous products. In particular, they will be able to choose the right placards to identify the products. In addition, using case studies and exercises, they will be able to adequately read purchase orders and manifests and  recognize the dangers associated with the products handled.

Following this training, your employees will know how to respond to an emergency or accident. They will control the risks affecting each product used in your plant or  company. Furthermore, WHMIS training is a prerequisite for this training.

Entrust in Santinel to train your hazardous materials handlers and equip them with the best skills in the field.

Learning series:

  • The legislation applicable to the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Read and interpret a shipping document and a TDG manifesto, to clearly distinguish the composition and product classes.
  • Know and choose the plates and labels required for precise identification of hazardous materials.
  • Master the measures to take and the procedure to follow in the event of a spill, in order to effectively manage any emergency situation.
  • Understand the particularities of TDG regulations that apply specifically to Canada.

Do you have to transport dangerous goods (TDG) in your company? Be sure to train your handlers or employees who handle, load and transport these materials to comply with current law and standards. Choose this unique training offered by Santinel and be assured of the safety of your employees.

The transportation of hazardous goods (TDG) involves several dangers for your employees and business. This is why our experts have created this course dedicated to their safe handling. Based on several presentations, discussions, specific case studies and practical exercises, your employees will validate their knowledge and skills in the transport of dangerous goods (TDG).

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