Risks and Controls of Chlorinated Products

Certification valid for 3 years

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Work with peace of mind thanks to comprehensive training on chlorinated products.

Do your tasks require the use of sodium hypochlorite or other chlorine derivatives? Since these products pose real health and safety risks, ensure your protection by opting to train your workers! Santinel offers a unique education that will enhance your entire prevention approach!

Indeed, our training on chlorinated products will help you better control your working conditions in order to avoid dangerous exposure. Our experts will teach you not only to recognize the risks, but also to adequately protect yourself. Once trained, your team will be able to carry out all of your operations in complete safety. They will also be able to effectively use personal protective equipment (respiratory protection, protective clothing) and collective protective equipment (ventilation).

Our trainers will teach emergency procedures related to chlorinated products so you will always have the right reflexes, whatever the situation!

Learning series:

  • Identify the risks created by these dangerous products and situations that could cause an accident or an occupational disease.
  • Work procedures to ensure that your tasks in the presence of chlorinated products are carried out safely and efficiently.
  • The use of personal and collective protective equipment as well as wearing and optimally adjusting them.
  • Measures to take in the event of a leak or spill of chlorinated products and emergency procedures when safety is threatened.

Prepare all members of your organization who are exposed to chlorine products. Choose a course that will meet the needs of your workers, team leaders and/or managers because these employees can influence the safety of your environment, whether they work directly or indirectly with sodium hypochlorite and its derivatives. Santinel’s training will adjust to the different roles of those present, addressing their specific challenges.

Additionally, this personalized approach will apply to the specifics of your business. Our trainers will therefore adapt their lessons to your sector of activity and your work environment. Whatever your use of chlorinated products, you will get instructions and solutions that will be useful to you.

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