Right of Refusal

Certification valid for 3 years

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The right of refusal is complex to understand involving intricacies of the law and peculiarities for each refusal. That’s why this training will adapt to the realities of your business. Our trainers will explain the various terminologies used regarding stakeholder roles and responsibilities, steps to follow and applicable laws.

Through this training, your supervisors will develop the knowledge and reflexes to follow when a refusal occurs. They will know how to document the event and find a solution in accordance with the legal requirements.

Learning series:

  • The basis of the right of refusal, what are the rights of each party and the deadlines to be considered.
  • What to do when a right of refusal is exercised: which stakeholders to consider, the practices to be put in place, the steps to follow, etc.
  • The terminologies to understand the right of refusal and what surrounds it.
  • Tools specific to the right of refusal: how to be in good standing and what tools to use in the right of refusal.

The right of refusal training applies to all companies because each employee has the right to refuse to perform a task that they consider dangerous. This training is ideal to prevent the emergence of a right of refusal and know how to act in the future. Regardless of your industry or the size of your organization, you’ll know how to react when a right to refuse occurs.

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