Pallet Rack Inspection

Certification valid for 3 years

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Regular examination of the condition and operation of pallet racks is essential to ensure their safe use. With this training, you will use best practices to inspect and maintain the pallet racks in your business or factory.

Working with pallet racks can represent a significant risk, particularly for the safety of your workers. Pallet racks can be damaged, for example, when moving certain goods. This is why it is necessary to inspect all of their components on a regular basis and ensure their integrity. Thanks to this training, your team will be equipped to keep your pallet racks in a safe state. In addition, their lifespan will be preserved.

Your team will develop the knowledge required to understand the functioning of the pallet racks with theoretical elements, practical exercises and regulatory knowledge. After completing this training, your employees will obtain certification attesting to their skills in inspecting storage at height.

Learning series:

  • Learn the CSA standards for pallet racks in your work environment.
  • Identify the risks from the pallet racks in your company.
  • The stages of a thorough inspection to analyze the state of the pallet rack structure.
  • Master all the elements of maintenance in accordance with current standards.
  • Develop knowledge to recognize a problem, judge its level of risk and determine the intervention to initiate.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the pallet racks to maintain their integrity and, above all, protect your employees.

Looking to ensure and maintain compliance in the use and installations of pallet racks in your business? Seeking to be accompanied by occupational health and safety experts?

Offer our unique training to your staff who manage your storage, your supervisors and your OHS managers. After completing this course, your team can follow the detailed inspection grid designed by our experts and carefully check the condition of your pallet racks. They will be able to make informed decisions on the corrective measures to take to resolve any problematic situation.

Several risks affect storage at height. Choose this training to gain knowledge on using pallet racks in a safe and compliant way.

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