Lockout (Theory)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Empower your employees for safe management of your energy sources and equipment! A proper and well-implemented lockout program is essential to prevent incidents. That’s why Santinel offers you a complete training that will ensure the safety of your workers at all levels!

**Note that Santinel offers this training in-house or online!


Our experts offer unique know-how that will help your employees manage your energy sources. First, they will learn how to identify the risks associated with your company’s various lockout devices and systems. Next, they will learn how to apply the procedures related to your machines, which will help them effectively prevent these hazards. And to assure the lessons are acquired, our trainers will also carry out exercises on your employees!

Whatever your industry, the size of your business and the sources of energy used, we have the expertise you need!

Learning series:

  • Make your employees aware of the risks associated with lockout and various energy sources.
  • Offer them easy-to-understand information on hazard management and the legal requirements for lockout.
  • Get tools to ensure compliance with your company’s program and procedures.
  • Apply these procedures appropriately through the practical exercises and training scenarios.

Online training

Discover our new online lockout training! Very popular, this option allows you to gain flexibility, since online training can be offered to an infinite number of workers.

Dynamic, interactive and richly illustrated, our training will be appreciated by all your workers. They can connect at convenient times on our simple and user-friendly platform. You won’t need to slow down your operations while all your workers are being trained at the same time.

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Enjoy training that will ensure the safety of your entire team!

In your company, several employees are called upon to implement the lockout procedures while operating your equipment and during maintenance. It is therefore essential that the training offered be adapted to the reality of the employee, whether operator or maintenance manager. That’s why Santinel offers learning that will meet your different needs and challenges, whatever they are!

Therefore, our specialists will cover a range of cases that your employees can experience. This teaching will facilitate the implementation of your procedures and will also promote compliance with current standards. Additionally, exercises will facilitate the integration of this knowledge. Your employees will benefit from a complete and effective approach to safely manage lockout!

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