Lockout – Theory and Practice

Certification valid for 3 years

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Become autonomous in managing lockout thanks with this detailed training!

Santinel offers a complete learning plan for all your lockout needs! Your managers will develop their own skills with this training, which includes different theoretical and practical components. Your company will benefit from the know-how of a qualified and knowledgeable manager at all times!

Rest assured that all aspects of the lockout program will be handled by our trainers. Current standards, inventory procedures and even issues with your equipment will be addressed. Additionally, Santinel will adapt its teachings to your reality and environment. Whatever your equipment and sources of energy, your managers will be compliant and know how to ensure safety in your work environment!

To facilitate their understanding, our experts will offer personalized support throughout the training. With Santinel, safe lockout will never be a mystery to your team!

Learning series:

  • Simplify the identification and inventory of lockout program equipment.
  • Learn how to ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Facilitate the compliance of your procedures with effective intervention techniques for your workers.
  • Quickly find functional deficiencies of the lockout and learn how to correct them.

Santinel’s theoretical and practical training is aimed at people who manage lockout in your organization. However, your entire team will benefit from our learning plan! With their newly acquired knowledge, your managers will be able to provide a safer work environment for all your workers!

All managers and supervisors in your company can benefit from this unique training. Gathered in a small group, they will have direct access to the know-how and experience of our specialists. This personalized approach will allow our specialists to answer all their questions and make sure everyone understands the material. In addition, our trainers will make sure to address the specific needs of your business. An approach that will surely consolidate your lockout management!

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