Electric Pallet Truck Training

Certification valid for 3 years

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Our unique training allows you to use electric pallet trucks safely. Awareness and adequate information are essential to reduce the risk of accidents related to the use of pallet trucks.

Prevention involves several factors: the driver’s know-how, working environment conditions and the equipment used, the condition of the pallets and even the time of day. The use of pallet trucks is therefore complex and deserves special attention.

With our training on electric pallet trucks, you will develop knowledge and practical reflexes for safe use of your equipment. You will learn more about the specificities of your pallet trucks: controls, braking system, stability and recommended loads. You will apply the inspection and verification procedure for each component of the pallet truck, including the battery. You will evaluate whether the work environment is suitable for maneuvering: clearance, slopes, turns, truck loading and signage. Control the risks associated with using an electric pallet truck with our exhaustive training given by experts.

Learning series:

  • Identify the structure, the equipment and the specificities of the different types of electric pallet trucks.
  • Apply the rules of safe driving.
  • Identify the risk factors and the maneuvering constraints of the pallet truck.
  • Adopt an effective maintenance and inspection procedure.

Our training is for workers who use electric pallet trucks as part of their duties. It  would also benefit supervisors of teams operating pallet trucks as well as those responsible for prevention.

Did you know that the employer is obliged by the RSST to protect its workers, including by offering them effective training? Raising workers’ awareness of the surrounding risks will increase health, safety and physical integrity. Train your employees and reduce risks at the source for a safe workplace.

Our occupational health and safety experts offer dynamic presentations tailored to your needs. Our unique approach offers theoretical knowledge, discussions, case studies and practical demonstrations. Your workers will develop solid skills directly transferable to the workplace.

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