Canada Labour Code Part II

Certification valid for 3 years

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Better understand the employer obligations of the Canada Labour Code (CLC).

As you know, in occupational health and safety, certain organizations must comply with federal regulations. Santinel offers training that will inform you of all the requirements of the Canada Labour Code, Part II.

In order to facilitate your understanding, our trainers will provide you with clear and detailed explanations of your obligations. They will address the legal aspects of the CLC, such as the responsibilities of employers and employees, workplace safety and the steps to follow in the event of complaints, refusals to work and appeal procedures.

Additionally, the Canada Labour Code training includes explanations of the respective duties of orientation committees, local committees and OHS representatives. It also discusses the role of the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada. You will better understand the investigation process and the consequences of the offenses. Consult Santinel to ensure compliance with ease!

Learning series:

  • The different fields of application of the Canada Labour Code and the legal definition of the terms used.
  • The mandatory measures of the CLC in preventing, identifying risks, internal responsibility system (IRS) and the functions of the OHS committees.
  • All of the intervention, investigation and sanctioning powers for agents of the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) ministry.
  • Procedures for the management and internal resolution of complaints and refusals to work, as provided for in the Code.

Help your health and safety managers fully understand the requirements of the CLC!

Is your organization subject to federal regulations and must comply with the obligations of the Canada Labour Code? This is the case for banks, most transportation companies, the Canadian public service, telephone and cable companies, etc.

Whatever your industry, rely on our Canada Labour Code Part II training. Our experts have the knowledge you need to comply with the CLC. They will be able to equip your managers and OHS managers regardless of the managers’ experience in this area.

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