Accident Investigation and Analysis – Provincial Jurisdiction

Certification valid for 3 years

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Adopt an incident investigation procedure to understand the causes and reduce risks at the source. Accidents in the workplace have serious human and material consequences. Our accident investigation and analysis training prepares you to react to accidents and avoid them from repeating.

The objective of this training is to teach you effective investigation techniques. Take note of the facts of the accident by observing the environment and equipment, conducting interviews with the workers involved and reconstructing the chronology and events. Develop a systematic vision of the risk factors involved: operational errors, work environment and organizational practices. Collect the data and conduct a situational analysis to find the causes of the incident. Then write an analytical report and make recommendations for corrective actions.

With our training, conducting an investigation and accident analysis will lead to finding solutions and reducing losses. Make your employees aware of the importance of reporting incidents to diagnose problems and ensure better workplace health and safety in your company.

Learning series:

  • Educated your workers to the actual costs of accidents in the workplace.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of each participant in the accident investigation.
  • Assimilate the evaluation and investigation techniques to trace the exact context of the accident.
  • Identify the immediate and fundamental causes of the accident and suggest long-term corrective actions.
  • The follow-ups required to prevent the event from reoccurring.

Do you know that all of your workers will benefit from our training? They will learn the procedures in the event of an accident and how to contribute their expertise to finding solutions. When an employee gets involved in post-accident reflecting, they participate in formulating appropriate and effective prevention measures.

Our accident investigation and analysis course is designed for company safety officers and safety representatives who conduct investigations. It is also aimed at supervisors, foremen and management directly involved in the procedure.

Our presentations are offered by experts and are adapted to your work context. We facilitate experiential learning, which is why we rely on simulations, workshops and practical exercises. Choose our highly interactive training and adopt a systematic and effective accident investigation and analysis procedure for a safe work environment.

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