Accident Investigation and Analysis – Federal Jurisdiction

Certification valid for 3 years

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Conduct internal investigations and analyses of accidents that occur in your organization! Develop your expertise to research and understand the root causes of incidents! Santinel offers a thorough training which will allow you to have your own investigative resources within your company. An approach that will improve your independence, prevention and safety while reducing your costs!

This training will focus on providing your employees with a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder during an investigation. Next, your future investigators will learn analytical techniques that will help them reach reliable conclusions more quickly. Practical exercises will also facilitate management of survey forms, interviews and reports to write.

In short, they will have all the know-how to ensure the smooth functioning of each step of an investigation!

Learning series:

  • Improve your knowledge of the legal obligations related to accident analysis and the direct and indirect costs associated.
  • Discover helpful investigative techniques to ask the right questions and research the root causes of the accident.
  • Then learn how to organize all this data in order to obtain an overall picture of the accident, as well as compose all the survey forms and reports.
  • Choose appropriate solutions and effectively monitor these corrective actions.

Equip the employees who analyze accidents in your workplace!

Would you like to mandate one or more people to carry out your investigations internally? Santinel’s unique training will meet your needs, regardless of the role of the chosen employees! Our course is intended for supervisors and employees as well as members of the health and safety committee or prevention representatives!

In addition, our specialists will verify that the training meets the challenges of your business sector and your environment. They will analyze all the peculiarities of your workplace to provide relevant information to your employees. You will be assured that your resources possess all the learning and knowledge necessary to perform their duties!

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