Accident records management and financing

Accident records management and financing

The importance of sound management of health-and-safety records

To ensure that you keep your premiums as low as possible, pay without excess only the amounts due and facilitate your employees’ prompt return to work, effective management of all aspects related to accidents and occupational diseases is needed.

For 30 years, Santinel has been working with Quebec companies to manage the compensation and funding aspect of the CSST. The management team has the experience and competence to successfully carry through on your files and advise you as you take the necessary decisions. Our consultants will explain and demonstrate the impact of each action in the management of accident records and will help you avoid expenses or unnecessary legal battles.

The range of services and training offered is suitable for all types of businesses. Whether you are on a personalized rate or retrospective plan, we will help you make your management component a model of rigour and efficiency.

Like many organizations in a wide range of sectors, trust Santinel’s specialists to help you in a particular case, to take charge of all the management component or represent you before the various bodies (CSST, CLP).

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