Mould and microorganisms - Mould can be managed—consult our experts

This solution is designed for you if you are in the grips of a major fungal contamination. This situation, which may have only surfaced recently, has often been lurking for several years already at the time it’s discovered. We can offer you an array of carefully selected services that can help you deal with employee complaints, health problems, and interventions by the CSST or Public Health Service.

In this approach, several interventions take place simultaneously: meetings with the government entities (CLSC, CSST) if required, an evaluation of the scope of contamination and the real risks it may represent, medical examination of the employees affected, assessment of the different solutions for decontamination, development of an estimate for decontamination, supervision of the work, post-work evaluations that ensure the effectiveness of the work done, information meetings and communication programs for the employees.

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