Sampling and analysis of existing mould and micro-organisms

Did you notice the presence of mould in some areas of your facility and wonder what threat there was to your employees who are exposed to it every day? Have complaints about the possible presence of micro-organisms been raised and you are looking for a diligent and responsible way to treat them?

The analysis of mould collected in the air and contaminated materials is, in these cases, essential. Our experts can help you by collecting samples according to current scientific methods, based on the type of organism found. Then, after laboratory analysis, they will be able to report on the type and amount of each micro-organism found in the samples. Comparing these values with those of a control sample and reference values, our experts can give you a complete report with possible solutions allowing you to curtail your problem.

Whether it is to reassure you or identify actions to be taken in case of fungal or bacterial contamination, call on our qualified staff to guide you towards a sensible solution.

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