Outsourcing activities in industrial hygiene and rental service

Industrial hygiene is a very technical specialty of occupational health and safety. Consequently, the training for an industrial hygienist or an industrial hygiene technician requires several years of study. In addition to specific scientific knowledge, the training also requires the use of scientific measuring and sampling equipment as well as of analytical laboratories.

Depending on the business of the company, the industrial hygiene program often represents only 5% to 15% of the work of the entire health-and-safety program; as it is a specialized expertise, only big companies are able to justify the presence of industrial hygiene experts and the purchase of the specific equipment needed.

The outsourcing services in industrial hygiene developed by Santinel respond to the dual constraints faced by most organizations: regular access to specialists in industrial hygiene and all the specialized instrumentation required. This outsourcing service, established according to need, takes the form of weekly, monthly or yearly interventions that are integrated into an industrial hygiene program that Santinel develops in collaboration with the company’s departments of health-and-safety or human resources.

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