Audit and development of programs in industrial hygiene

The legislation in force aims to eliminate the sources of danger to health, safety and physical integrity. Several disciplines are grafted together to cover all aspects of health and safety, and industrial hygiene is one of them.

Industrial hygiene is concerned with identifying contaminants in the workplace,  assessing exposure to contaminants and assuring the control of exposure to contaminants in order to attain the objectives of the laws on health and safety. To achieve this end, the employer must often equip the company with a variety of programs that target detection, measurement, methods of prevention and protection required, the monitoring of exposed workers and the management of thermal stress, radiation, hazardous materials, lighting, noise, vapors and gases, to name only a few.

The audit of these programs or of the complete industrial hygiene dossier, as offered by Santinel, aims to assess legal compliance and the level of protection required for those exposed or the environment itself. All these processes will be considered in relation to your particular situation and you will receive targeted recommendations that will help you achieve a high level of compliance.

Are you looking rather for more assistance in the development of such programs? Santinel’s experts will conduct a thorough analysis and help you develop them.

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