Assessment of compliance with standards and regulations in industrial hygiene

Just as with security issues, there are many standards and regulations in industrial hygiene. Given the great number of contaminants in the workplace (dust, vapor, radiation, noise, heat, etc.), it is sometimes difficult to find one’s way amid all the obligations.

However, non-compliance with these standards and regulations, in addition to being illegal, can have drastic consequences not only on the health of workers but also on the organizations at fault, both legally and financially. It is therefore imperative that an organization ensure that employee exposure to contaminants in the company complies with the regulations in effect.

Santinel’s specialists have experience and discipline and are equipped to identify and assess your organization’s level of compliance in comparison to standards, based on the contaminants faced by your workers. With these verifications, you will be able to respond due to the detailed reports provided, which include identification of the workers who risk developing occupational diseases.

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