Training for work with asbestos

The regulations are clear: An employer must, before undertaking work that is likely to release asbestos dust, train and inform workers about the risks of the work, prevention techniques and safe methods of work.

Santinel has developed several types of training sessions to meet the needs of its customers. No matter what type of work (low-, moderate- or high-risk), you will benefit as an employer and your workers will be prepared accordingly. Also, if you have your own procedures, the session will be tailored according to your specific guidelines.

At the end of the session, participants will know the obligations of the employer and workers, the effects of asbestos on health, the applicable standards and the sampling to be performed as well as the means and equipment to use for individual and collective protection. They will also know how to carry out the appropriate methods of prevention and risk control, use safe work practices and procedures and choose the right equipment and tools.

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