Supervision of asbestos removal

Around the 1970s, university studies showed a relationship between worker exposure to asbestos dust and the lung diseases they developed. Afterwards, the subject was much written about and now projects for the removal of this material have increased. Asbestos removal is problematic because, if the work is done improperly, the site may become more risky to worker health than if the asbestos had been left in place.

It is mandatory that specialized contractors comply with regulatory requirements. In addition to protecting the health of their employees, they must be able to demonstrate that the removal work will not contaminate other parts of the building. Finally, before any dismantling of the containment barriers, they must be able to demonstrate that the work areas, once the asbestos removal is complete, are free of asbestos and the air is contamination-free. As owner of the premises, you will have to absolutely make sure that the contractors comply strictly with their obligations so that you get guarantees that the building has not been contaminated, with all the imaginable consequences, if it were the case, on employee health, your reputation and the clean-up costs, not to mention the intervention of the CSST inspectors.

Santinel can provide support by supervising asbestos removal to ensure contractor compliance with the estimate and regulations as well as by monitoring continuously any risk of contamination for the rest of the building.

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