Prevention plan for asbestos removal

The status of asbestos has changed over the last decades, from safe insulation product to dangerous product—one to be banished from society. Regulations regarding asbestos have become very coercive. Countless renovation projects have been stopped by the CSST due to the presence of this material.

A large number of commercial and industrial buildings contain asbestos. So realism and caution are called for. Workers who work in areas such as housekeeping, maintenance, demolition and renovation are, of course, more likely to be exposed to asbestos fibres. The Safety Code for the construction industry (“Code de sécurité pour les travaux de construction”) defines the types of construction and safety precautions to be taken when work is likely to release asbestos dust. Often, the employer must prepare and submit an estimate for removal and a prevention plan that addresses the control of all risks.

Santinel can provide support in developing your procedures for asbestos removal in general, and more specifically in the development of your estimates for asbestos removal. We are also qualified to help you prepare your tendering process and advise you in the selection of your specialized contractors. We also provide a communication service with the CSST as well as supervision of the work’s execution in accordance with the plan and regulations in force.

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