Asbestos management program

Do you have asbestos in your facility? Whether it is exposed, concealed or integrated with other components, this material’s presence in the workplace should be followed-up on and monitored appropriately. The risks associated with asbestos may have been exaggerated but they are real. Work performed on or near materials containing asbestos may lead to the release of fibres in the ambient air, which will be inhaled by workers.

In order to take all necessary steps to ensure that you maintain the safety of users on your work site, you basically need to have an asbestos management program (AMP). An AMP is intended to ensure that the inventory and location of all materials containing asbestos is available, the type of asbestos is identified, a risk assessment has been made and that proper procedures have been put in place.

Santinel can provide support in your asbestos management by performing these verifications for you and, in addition, recommending the actions to be taken based on the risk (removal, supervision, containment). We will develop policies and procedures, lists of equipment to purchase and develop fact sheets for use by all employees of the business.

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