Air quality - Crisis management

If you face a major crisis regarding the air quality of your workplace—widespread complaints, work stoppages, sick employees, a derogation permit from the CSST, etc.—this solution can help you. In this approach, we propose an action plan that aims, in collaboration with you, to bring the situation back to normal. We propose, among other options, that you hold information meetings with your employees and union representatives; have in-depth medical examinations performed on your sick employees; measure the scale of the phenomenon with small surveys of, and interviews with, the workers in your organization

In parallel to these actions, and  guided by the alleged symptoms and their history, we will be able to determine the potential causes and evaluate their level of threat. Then we will communicate the results and the corrective actions to be considered. During this whole process, you will have access to experts in the field who can prepare communiqués for your employees or be present during meetings with the authorities, if applicable.

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