Air-quality - assessment in office buildings

The effects associated with indoor air quality on occupants can range from simple physiological discomfort to significant health problems. The presence of “pollutants” in overly high concentrations and an unstable thermal balance are often two factors involved. This situation creates an atmosphere that can degrade locally (a particular workstation) or generally (a floor or entire building).

Santinel has developed an intervention approach that takes into account the different aspects involved in finding solutions for air quality:

  • Identification of potential sources of contaminants and ventilation problems
  • Development of an appropriate sampling strategy
  • Evaluation of the temperature
  • Measurement of chemical and microbiological contaminants of indoor air, as compared to outdoor air
  • Assessment of the amount of fresh air in the targeted premises

Following this assessment, the results will be presented and potential solutions appropriate to your needs will be submitted.

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