Various tools and products

Because injuries and accidents in the workplace are all different, equipment for first aid needs to be varied as well. You need to have all the tools and other products that can meet all of the risks faced in your workplace. Emergency equipment consists of all equipment that affects, directly or indirectly, the positive recovery of the victim or a person in danger.

Some of the equipment (i.e. clamps and scissors) are mandatory requirements for a first aid kit, according to the current regulations. Other equipment is required in the first aid office and be available in all workplaces with more than 100 workers (again, according to the regulations of minimum standards for first aid and emergency aid).

The fact remains that the more equipment rescuers have at their disposal and adapted to their needs, the better care and better focus your injured workers will receive. Tools and other products distributed by Santinel will always remain effective during any employee emergencies.

Burn – Cool Jel Bottle 120 ml (4 ounces)

Refreshing gel for burns
12 $ Buy

Blanket – Emergency blanket, Foil/Mylar

Rescue aluminum sheet, protects against shock and hypothermia
3.25 $ Buy

Scissors – Stainless steel Lister scissors 14 cm (5” 1/2)

Bandage scissors with rounded ends, in stainless 14 cm, 5 in 1/2
4.85 $ Buy

Safety pin 12/pack

Safety pins in packs of 12 different size
0.75 $ Buy

Tape – Transpore 1.2 cm (1/2”) x 10 yards

Transpore tape is used to hold a bandage in place
2.45 $ Buy

Tape – Transpore 2.5 cm (1”) x 10 yards

Transpore tape is used to hold a bandage in place
3.95 $ Buy

Tape – Micropore 2.5 cm (1”) x 10 yards

Tape to hold bandages in place
2.45 $ Buy

Tape – Micropore 1.2 cm (1/2”) x 10 yards

Tape to hold bandages in place
2.55 $ Buy

Wheelchair w/Swing-Away Foot Rests, 46 cm, Seat

Wheel chair ( weight 46 pds)
446.25 $ Buy

Stainless steel splinter forceps 11.5 cm (4″)

Stainless pliers shards for medical emergency situations
2.85 $ Buy

Window punch

12.5 cm
12 $ Buy

Scissors – Universal Paramedic 18 cm (7”)

Universal Paramedic Scissors 18 cm, 7 in A must for all emergency medical response.
6.45 $ Buy
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