Eyes care

Because eye injuries are critical and require careful intervention, no eye injury should be treated lightly because the complications can be many and profound.

In the workplace, the eyes can be assaulted by flying debris, foreign bodies and chemicals. The eyes are precious, which makes it essential to have all appropriate equipment available and ready. Band aids, bandages, eye wraps, eye wash, ocular fountains, an eye magnet and a rinsing kit are all top quality products for eye care provided by Santinel and will help your first aid team act effectively to preserve such a valuable gift, eyesight.

Sterile eye pad 50/box

Eye bandage, sterile, individually wrapped
23.15 $ Buy

Eye Wash Station, w/1 Empty Eye Wash Bottle

Wall Station to file a bottle of eyewash
31.99 $ Buy

Eye – Eye Wash 1L

Sterile solution for eye rinsing 1L
22.35 $ Buy

Eye – Sterile eye pad individual

Eye bandage, sterile, individually wrapped
0.75 $ Buy

Eye – Water Preservative, 237 mL

Mixes with potable water to produce up to 75.5 litres
11 $ Buy

Eye – Penlight black

2 Batteries AAA are not included.
5.55 $ Buy

Eye – Eye Wash Metal Station, Empty

19.7 x 29.2 x 10.3 cm
50 $ Buy
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