CPR mask and facial proctection

To manage first aid in a work environment, it is vital to think of the prevention of infections. A first-aid worker will not be able to practice CPR if they do not have effective protection. The pocket mask is specially designed to be used by rescuers and first responders. It offers a greater protection and durability.

An emergency in your company requiring artificial respiration can occur anytime, anywhere and affect any employee. It is good to know that the pocket mask is always there when needed. Santinel offers a full range of first aid coverage tailored to the needs and budgets of your business.

Nylon Holster for CPR Mask

Nylon case to store a resuscitation mask
8.95 $ Buy

CPR – Disposable CPR Mask with Valve for key chain

Single-use CPR mask with one way valve
6.95 $ Buy

CPR – Replacement One-way valve CPr mask O2

One way valve, single-use for pocket mask CPR
6.35 $ Buy

CPR – Disposable CPR mask Keychain with BZK / gloves

Nylon Case Keychain, containing a single-use CPR mask, alcohol pads and gloves
10.55 $ Buy
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