Antiseptic and soap

In hospitals, hygiene rules are very strict but it can sometimes be overlooked in first aid at the workplace. Responders and victims are particularly vulnerable to infections, and the transmission of serious diseases.

Infections remain one of the most common complications, usually because the wounds were not properly cleaned or because no cleanser was available during the emergency. Problems can also occur when a wound was cleaned with the wrong product, an unsuitable product or by using contaminated equipment (clamps, scissors, etc.). To avoid contamination and complications, it is essential for your business to have the right products for cleaning and disinfecting.

Santinel offers products that are suitable for all the types of cleaning and disinfection needs. From wounds and injuries to emergency material and equipment, you will be safe with Santinel disinfectants and soaps.

Wipes – Alcohol 200/box

Alcohol tampons individually wrapped, single used
7.65 $ Buy

Wipes – Benzalkonium chloride 100/box

Disinfectant benzalkonium pads for wounds
8.25 $ Buy

Green soap 500 ml

Soap to disinfect hands or surfaces
6.35 $ Buy
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