A little boy of 14 months, saved by his father thanks to his first aid training

13 June 2013

On a beautiful summer day, Martin could not suspect that in a few minutes, he will have to put into practice what you never really want to do. His son Thomas, then aged 14 months, saviors a mountain of strawberries, his favorite fruit. Suddenly the blood of Martin turns to ice: a piece of his son’s snack seems to be stuck in his throat. His son is choking.

Martin had recently completed his fourth first aid course. Can we still find the interest after being repeated again and again these lifesaving procedures? “At first I thought was a little jaded. It is my employer who decided to send me there. He chose Santinel, a company that I did not really know . After a few minutes, the instructor had captured my attention and I learned new things. We did an overview of the techniques used on children, which proved extremely useful.

Realizing what was happening, Martin quickly and instinctively put into practice what he had learned during his last class. It was not by-the-book but still more than enough to succeed in saving my son without hurting him. Though you never know in advance how you will react in an emergency situation, we feel more confident when we know the techniques. I cannot imagine what would have happened without this fourth course with Santinel. I will never forget my instructor who undoubtedly contributed to my comfort and confidence in practicing this gesture which saved my son.

Today Thomas is doing well and still loves strawberries. We take the time to share this testimony which touched us. We are pleased to see that simple gestures learned in a few hours can help save lives like that of Thomas and allow parents like Martin and Caroline to continue to enjoy their family life.

And you, would you apply these lifesaving procedures?

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