Medical and social services

Medical and social services

Many people are involved with the Quebec health and social services system designed to maintain, improve and restore health and well-being to the population.

There can be no doubt about the dangers and risks that face these men and women on a daily basis; it is also the economic sector that contains the greatest number of accidents and preventive leaves in Quebec. The list of risks is long: infections, intoxications, psychological pressure, musculoskeletal disorders, cuts…

In a world where everything needs to be done, a prevention program containing strategic, concerted and implemented actions to allow workers to understand the concepts can be a great choice.

We also offer solutions in health promotion, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, training on moving equipment, safe patient handling and movement principles and many others.

Let’s not forget all the machinery, equipment and building maintenance and management of external contractors must be treated well, we can help you get through this. For all your prevention needs or to help you manage problematic cases in your work environment, trust Santinel.

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