Manufacture of metal products

Manufacture of metal products

The Canadian industry of metal products manufacturing holds a significant place in the economy of the country and a great percentage of construction materials manufactured in Canada are made of metal. This industry includes the manufacture of metal products along with structural and architectural metals.

Whether it is the use of heavy equipment, dangerous machines which, in the beginning, were not designed to be secure, intense physical effort, tough environmental constraints (heat, dust, cold, etc), the sector faces hundreds of dangers and must remain ready.

Santinel has vast expertise and many years of experience in interventions of all kinds in this sector of industry.

Consider us for your next prevention management programs, procedures and complete training sessions for forklifts or cranes, machine safety and cutting edge lockout procedures or for training in ergonomics, controlled products, confined spaces or extinguishing fires.

It is important to understand the sector well to intervene effectively, and Santinel has been reliable through the years, so leave it to us to help you with our speciality: health and safety.

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