Education and related services

Education and related services

This sector includes businesses engaged in providing instruction and training in a wide variety of fields. Santinel is actively training specialists who understand the issues and problems specific to your industry. Whatever the nature of your business, public, private, large or small, with multiple buildings or one room, we have the ability to meet all your health and safety needs.

While most people may think that your field is not likely to have many accidents, we know that’s a mistaken view. Through a little research, you can see the many accidents and preventive leaves granted in this medium prove how hazardous it can be. We have a range of services tailored programs ranging from health promotion and prevention of risky situations (fall, harassment, stress, etc…), without forgetting the safety of machinery and lockouts for your maintenance employees, contractors, or even for your equipment in occupational training centers.

We can also provide training services to meet your high standards on all subjects in the prevention or management of occupational injuries. Call our experts for help, get a high conformity degree and get peace of mind.

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