Construction and public works industry

Construction and public works industry

As you can imagine, Construction and public works is a dangerous industry; even more, it employs many different types of subcontractors that each have risks associated with their professions.

These men and women must be vigilant about almost every type of accident they could experience, as the risks for the profession are plentiful. No matter what physical work is involved, Santinel is there to help you navigate through potential dangers.

We are familiar with your branch of industry and can offer you many solutions, including electrical safety training or occupational hygiene, for example.

Whether it is the danger of electrocution caused by electric cables, road accidents during roadwork, ditch work, lung diseases due to inhaled dust from plasters or toxic smoke, falls or muscular damage to the back or other parts of the body, Santinel can help you construct and maintain a healthy and secure work environment.

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