Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

The Chemical industry is an important manufacturing sector which is far from free of risks. This sector includes varied companies that use or produce a multitude of substances and derivatives that can be potentially dangerous for health, safety or the environment.

Though it enjoys a lower rate of contribution than the average, the companies of this sector must ensure constant attention because the accident risk remains high and could have serious repercussions. Whether the hazard is the possible inhalation of toxic products, an accidental discharge or an involuntary contact with unprotected skin, Santinel can help you to prevent the risks by setting up procedures and training sessions in worker health and safety.

Companies from this sector can benefit from the precision of our company to produce documents, procedures and services equal to the high standards demanded by industry. Complex lockout procedures, tested procedures for entry into enclosed spaces, complete rescue procedures, and training of a first aid team for emergency interventions, an advanced course on safe handling procedures for chemicals; all are implemented to ensure the health and the safety of your workers and the environment surrounding you.

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